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Dr. Karin Johansson just retired after over 17 years in private practice as a  podiatrist here in NYC. In addition to caring for and helping people, she has always had a great love for all animals, and has been a pet parent for most of her life.

For the past 5 years, Karin has been volunteering with an animal rescue group by fostering cats and kittens, and this fulfilling experience has taken her to this next step - starting up her own cat-sitting business.  She earned the designation of Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS) from Pet Sitters International in early 2015.

Karin's next adventure includes trying out a bit of the homesteading life, starting with a large vegetable garden and raising chickens!

This business will be another way of giving back to these animals who give us so much love, as a portion of the gross earnings from Gotham City Cat Care will be donated to the NYC-based rescue group that is so near and dear to Karin's heart, Ready for Rescue.

Karin Johansson

Founder, Animal Lover

Meet the Team

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Cassandre - lifelong cat lover. When not cuddling with her kitties or making a batch of homemade cat food, you can find her at choir practice or volunteering, but more than likely laughing hysterically at a funny cat video.  Covers Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

​Patty​ - lover of books, lipstick, and cats. Cat mom to little Olive. PhD student in Psychology. Originally from Texas, but now considers NYC as her real home.  Interests include Nancy Drew, Harry Potter, and candle-making.  Covers Upper Manhattan.

Janavid animal lover, nature lover, adventurer and artist; now cat-sitting full time.  Includes a hamster among her clients, and has cared for a parrot as well.  Covers Manhattan, mostly the west side.

Maxine - native Floridian, in NYC pursuing a Master's degree in psychology.  She has a cat named Lux whom she considers her first-born child!  Maxine loves all animals and really enjoys working for GCCC.  Covers Manhattan,mostly the UES.

Vanessa - Manhattan-based, cat-obsessed Real Estate Agent.  Interests include: cats, art, nature, dad jokes, music, magic, science, vegetarian cooking, delicious wine, and the multitude of amazing secrets and surprises that exist in this incredible city.  Covers Manhattan mostly on the west side.

Linda - raised by a German Shepherd, spoke dog before English! Many cats have taught her to speak cat. Has volunteered with rescue groups, & she volunteers at a senior center teaching chair yoga.  Linda completed the Pet-care Basics for Professional Pet Sitters course (thru Pet Sitters Int'l) in Feb, 2018.  Covers the east side of Manhattan - from top to bottom!​​

Emmy - animal advocate and activist. Worked in veterinary hospitals while studying at NYU, and then for ten more years. Emmy has been pet sitting for 30+ years. She enjoys tennis, walking around Manhattan, reading, and orchestral/dance performances.  Covers Jersey City and Manhattan.

Petra - life-long animal lover & excited to be on the GCCC team! She is the proud parent of an amazing cat named Theo. Earned a certificate from Pet Sitters Int'l - Pet-Care Basics for Professional Pet Sitters - in Dec 2018. Petra is otherwise occupied being an actor & marketing manager.  Covers Upper Manhattan.  

KatelynBrooklyn-based visual artist and self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. She is an avid animal lover and excited to be part of the GCCC team. When not caring for cats, she spends time painting, reading, and volunteering at an animal shelter. Covers Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

Faith - lifelong animal lover and current cat mom to Corona. She enjoys reading, writing, yoga (an interest her cat shares!), parks and museums, improv comedy and burlesque shows, and watching too much Netflix. At social gatherings you can usually find her befriending the host's pets.

Kathleenhas had cats her entire life, currently a devoted mother to rescues Sebastian & Kitty Cordelia.  Kathleen loves living in the E. Village; finds it the perfect venue for her street photography.  She has had two solo exhibitions!  Also enjoys vegetarian cooking, crafting, and art museums.  Covers the East Side of Manhattan, as well as Lower Manhattan.

Dianaa cat lover who devotes her attention to her black-and-white domestic shorthair, Fanny.  Diana is an educator who holds a PhD in theatre. When not playing with Fanny, she enjoys reading, writing, and drawing. 

James - always had a great love & respect for all animals. He has cared for animals in zoos, aquariums, animal shelters & hospitals; also pet sitting & wildlife rehabilitation volunteering. When not working, he enjoys binge-watching Netflix, time with family & friends, & going to see live music.

Krystal - a recent Psychology graduate who considers herself a cat lover but has a soft spot for all animals. She has two cats who are her babies, Bebo and Venus. In her spare time she likes painting with acrylics, reading mystery novels, doing yoga and taking long walks in nature.

Olivia - hails from Boston, MA. Her life has been shared with animals, including her darling 16-year-old cat, Lily! Has volunteered in shelters and helped with fostering alongside her mom. Olivia enjoys dancing, listening to music, cooking, and watching the best shows on Netflix in her spare time! 

Tania - born to be a very passionate animal lover with 20+ years of experience with cats. She's not a "regular" mom, but a cool, proud cat mom of Bobby and Gracie. Her days consist of meditating, reading, baking and working on her artistic ideas. 

Julia - lover of all animals, her absolute favorite thing is spending time with her sweet orange kitty baby. Besides this, she loves singing, dancing, drinking coffee, watching Gilmore Girls, and living in NYC.  Covers Upper Manhattan

Deb - has shared a home with 11 cats (so far), & currently has 3. A photographer whose cat photos are top sellers! A volunteer, Deb sews dog beds & makes toys for NYC shelter animals. Taking in lots of culture with her husband is a top priority, when not enjoying her three furry housemates! ​ Covers west Manhattan.

Kat - born & raised in NYC, a part-time college student of American History, & mother to three kitties named Bella, Chester, & Darwin. She has also had dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, & fish. She enjoys writing, watching basketball, & reading true crime stories. Covers Upper Manhattan.

Kenia - animal rescuer for 10 yrs, vet assistant for 4, and almost a licensed vet tech! A Fear Free Certified Professional, also certified in Pet CPR & First Aid, and holds a NYS Wildlife Rehab License. Has cared for cats, dogs, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, & fish. Kenia enjoys cooking, running, & time spent with her beloved cats, rabbits, bearded dragon, & ever-changing array of foster animals.  Covers the East Side of Manhattan.

Brookegrew up in California around cats & humbly considers herself a "cat whisperer."  A former flight attendant & piano teacher, her interests include singing, bowling, swimming, & roller skating. She currently has two adopted cats: Raisin & Mambo. Covers Manhattan, mostly above 96th St.

Andrei - grew up with cats and 1 dog.  Worked as a videographer & animation teacher.  He lives with his wife and 3 adopted cats - Seven, Pazzo, & Suzi.  When they give him time off, he enjoys reading, drawing, & swimming.  Andrei is thrilled to meet many more cats working with GCCC!  Catman covers Manhattan, mostly above 96th St.

Toni - from the Midwest, grew up with cats & dogs, and respects animals for their work on the farm.  She believes that city animals are very important in reducing stress. Loves cats, loves taking their photos and capturing their mischievous personalities. A cat nanny for 10 yrs, Toni also volunteers in a shelter & writes country music. Covers east Manhattan.

All of our cat sitters are bonded and undergo criminal background checks on the national level.  We carry smartphones outfitted with the Red Cross Pet First Aid app, have vast experience with cats and administering many types of medications, and have a true love for all animals, especially cats.  As the business grows, we anticipate having all sitters trained in Pet First Aid so that all special medical needs are met with consistent, responsive care.

Because "life" happens and sometimes your sitter may have a personal emergency, we always have back-up sitters available so your cats enjoy a seamless transition and are never left without care.