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Brian - cat lover, screenwriter, has even done pet-sitting for a parrot, a bunny, and 2 sugar gliders!

Cassandre - proud mom of 5 cats; covers Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan

Craig - dad of 2 cats, retired schoolteacher, actor, Macy's Santa with Southern charm!  Covers Manhattan

Alexcat dad, photographer, videographer; covers Brooklyn and Manhattan

Jan - cat mom her entire life, now cat-sitting full time, covers Manhattan

Maxine - grad student in social work, missing her family cats; covers Manhattan

Corey - cat-sitting client turned cat sitter; returning to school full-time; covers mostly Manhattan, occasionally outer boros

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All of our cat sitters are bonded and undergo criminal background checks.  We carry smartphones outfitted with the Red Cross Pet First Aid app, have vast experience with cats and administering many types of medications, and have a true love for all animals, especially cats.  As the business grows, we anticipate having all sitters trained in Pet First Aid so that all special medical needs are met with consistent, responsive care.

Because "life" happens and sometimes your sitter may have a personal emergency, we always have back-up sitters available so your cats enjoy a seamless transition and are never left without care.

Dr. Karin Johansson has been a podiatrist in private practice in Manhattan for over 15 years.  In addition to caring for and helping people, she has always had a great love for all animals, and has been a pet parent for most of her life.

For the past 4 years, Karin has been volunteering with an animal rescue group by fostering cats and kittens, and this fulfilling experience has taken her to this next step - starting up her own cat-sitting business.  She earned the designation of Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS) from Pet Sitters International in early 2015.

This business will be another way of giving back to these animals who give us so much love, as a percentage of the gross earnings from Gotham City Cat Care will be donated to a NYC-based rescue group, Ready for Rescue.

Karin Johansson

Founder, Animal Lover

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