Weekend surcharge ($5/$10 per visit) - There is a $5 extra fee per visit on Saturdays and Sundays, and a $10 extra fee for each weekend overnight stay.

Holiday surcharge ($5 per visit) - Asurcharge that is applied per visit to any pet sitting service scheduled during holidays

2021 Holidays:  Jan 1, Jan 18, Feb 13-15, May 29 - 31, July 3 & 4, Sept 4 - 6, Oct 9 - 11, Nov 11, Nov 25 - 28, Dec 24 - 26, Dec 31 (and January 1, 2022)

30-minute daily visit ($24)- includes all of the above plus playtime, plant watering, bringing in the mail, and taking out the trash if needed.  Our most popular service!

60-minute daily visit ($40)- includes all of the above plus extra play and cuddle time.

You can choose to have once- or twice-daily visits.


Cancellation Policy:

If you return earlier than expected from a trip, please note that no refund will be issued for the unused visits from your original requested dates.

If you cancel your reservation during a HOLIDAY period with less than one week's notice, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of your total reservation amount.

If you cancel your reservation during a HOLIDAY period with 2 days or less notice, you will forfeit your entire fee amount.

Overnight visits in your home ($75) - Your sitter will stay in your home overnight to keep your cat company and make sure that all of their individual needs are met, and will leave in the morning after feeding, watering, scooping, and cuddling.  And playing!

Serving New York City


P: 917-443-3145

  (Email or text is best!)

Transport to and from vet appointments ($40 per hour)

We can escort your cat to and/or from veterinary appointments.  The fee will be the same as our base rate, with the time commencing when the sitter picks up kitty from your home and ending once kitty is safely dropped off at home.  

Cab fare is in addition to the hourly fee, and your sitter will present you with cab receipts.

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If you have fish, birds, reptiles, or other small animals that will need care as well, please contact us directly for pricing info.

During each visit your sitter will give your cats fresh food and water, scoop out the litter box, and spend some quality time with them to make sure they are happy and healthy.  Plus, you'll get a daily progress report (you choose - email or text) so you can find out whether Kitty was naughty or nice while you were away!

Additional cats - if you have more than 2 cats, there is an additional fee of $3 per extra cat, per visit.

*** If you are not able to provide your sitter with keys during the initial visit, and the sitter must make a separate trip to pick them up, there will be a $15 key pick-up fee.  Also, if a sitter must make a separate trip back to drop off keys, there will be a $15 key return fee.***

​We can help you figure out an arrangement to make key exchange more convenient for everyone, while avoiding fees.

Subcutaneous fluid therapy or injectable medications ($15 each treatment, in addition to cost of visit)  Administration of fluids or insulin may depend on the cooperation of the cat.

Oral, eye, and ear medication administration ($5, in addition to cost of visit)  Administration of medication may depend on the cooperation of the cat.

We do not provide nail-cutting services.